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Dermal fillers In Romania

In Botox, fillere on November 27, 2012 at 2:22 am

Few providers are sharing the romanian market. One of them, , is the distributor for Juvederm, one of the first augmentation fillers approved by the romanian Ministry of Health.

Juvederm comes within many products, each and everyone of them having a particular dosage. The hyaluronic acid concentration is almost the same in evey product -24 mg per mL of product.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance normally synthetised by our own body and usually deposited in areas very rich in connective tissue. Such area are the lips and the dermis (the layer of skin sittuated just beneath the epidermis). In time, the hyaluronic acid is degraded by an enzyme called hyaluronidase, this one also being present in normal organisms. In youth, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and its degradation are interbalanced processes. As wwe grow old, the synthesis decreases and our skin and out lips lose the hyaluronic acid.

In order corect that problem, we have the altrnative to use hyaluronic acid fillers – such as Juvederm. Once injected into the tissue, eitther dermis in skin or lips – each gram of substance will attract one thousand (1000!) grams of water and will trap itright in there, so that the overall effect is that of shiny full wet lips and clear skin, with no rithydies and wrinkles.

In Romania an reliable estimation of price for the procedure would be between 260 and 34€/one mililitter of product.

Products readily available on the market are:

-Juvederm Ultra 2

-Juvederm Ultra 3

-Juvederm Ultra 4

-Juvederm Voluma

-Juvederm Smile

-Juvederm Hydrance

The procedure is simple to deliver the tp the patient and lasts a few minutes. May requie local anaesthesia -sometimes just topical anaesthesia) and causes just little disconfort to the patient.

The effects are readily visible and last for 6 to 10 months after the injection, sometimes event to 12 months. In the meantime, the pacient may feel the need fopr a touch up, which usually costs less as it necessitates only few quantities of hyaluronic acid to enchance the effect to the level of optimum pactient/client satissfaction.

And the following images of patient before & after Juvederm treatment


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Diclofenac in the treatment of actinic keratoses

In cancer de piele on November 22, 2012 at 10:39 pm

are premalignant skin conditions. Solar ultraviolet radiation exposure plays an important role in the ethipathogenesis of , as well as tar and various chemical compounds such as arsenis and arsenites. The mucosal correspondent of is actinic cheilitis, a disease bearing increased potential of malignant transformation. may transform into squamous cell carcinoma within decades, while for actinic cheilitis the period of time may not exceed a few years. Recent advances in the field of dermatology have established the efficacity and safety of the use of diclofenac as topical agent for the treatment of . It seems that topical applications of 3% diclofenac gel b.i.d for 3 months may lead to the dissapearance of lesions. Total lesion clearance after topical 3% diclofenac gel is as high as 79% as assessed by the latest studies. Partial remission counts for 3/4 in the rest of the lesions treated.

This may be due to cyclooxygenase enzyme inhibition and decrease in cell proliferation and in angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels within the lesions). Nevertheless the mechanism of action for diclofenac is still unclear.

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